Checker Plus for Gmail


All notifications from your Gmail inbox in Chrome


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Checker Plus for Gmail is an extension for Google Chrome that notifies you with a small icon integrated into your browser of all new emails in your inbox in real time. This highly useful program lets you read and answer your emails immediately without having to constantly keep your Gmail open in another tab.

The tool also lets you view all your messages, and you can read them, delete them without opening them, or choose the folders that you want to appear. You can, for instance, set your configurations so that you don’t receive notifications for emails that arrive in your 'Promotions' folder.

With Checker Plus for Gmail you can quickly and simply manage all of your email accounts with the extension’s multi-account option. It also recognizes the inboxes for any addresses open in your browser.

The extension will open in a pop-up preview window so that you can open, archive, or delete emails without leaving the tab where you’re browsing.

In addition, Checker Plus for Gmail includes the option to play a sound alongside the icon notification in your browser. You can also customize it to play a preset sound or a human voice that can read aloud the messages that arrive in your inbox—a really useful feature if you’re busy with something else away from your computer screen.
By Álvaro Toledo
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